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Finally – a workout site for active 50+ years old who are sick and tired of watered down fitness programs! 

This is the place to find the right workout for you that’ll get you more fit and have you looking and feeling younger than ever. At Silver Workouts, you’ll only find workouts that get results!

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Exercise Your Way To Healthy Aging

When it comes to exercising, it’s never too late to start. Even if you’re already in your golden years, you can still benefit a lot from regular exercise. Regular physical activities can help you preserve your mobility and physical function, making it easier for you to perform your daily tasks.

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When you join Silver Workouts, you can gain access to numerous workout resources that can help you stay active in your golden years. You also get complete access to the most comprehensive library of workout routines containing over ten thousand exercises through our vast network of workout sites.

Inspiring Reasons Why Older Adults Should Workout

Helps prevent and manage chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis and cardiovascular diseases

Reduces risks of dementia and improves cognitive function

Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves mental health

Group exercises promote social interaction

Reduces risks of falls and fractures

4 Types Of Exercises And Why You Should Perform Them


Aerobic exercises. These are the best exercises for increasing your heart rate and for making your cardiorespiratory system stronger. Examples include swimming, dancing, and jogging. Water aerobics, walking as part of golf, mowing the lawn, and yoga are all considered aerobic physical activities.

Strength training. Strength exercises help you prevent muscle weakness. Studies show that progressive resistance training using elastic bands, exercise machines, or free weights can help elderly people improve their muscle strength.

Balance exercises. Fall prevention programs typically include balance training such as back leg raises or standing on one foot. These balance exercises, especially when paired with strength training, can help prevent falls by improving one’s ability to maintain a position and control movements.

Flexibility exercises. Flexibility exercises not only improve mobility and flexibility but also lessen muscle tension and soreness, as well as reduce risks of falls. Common stretching exercises include neck stretch, lower back stretch, hamstring stretch, hip stretch, and ankle stretch.

The National Institute on Aging advises elderly adults to engage in 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75-150 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercises every week.

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